The Overflowing City of Amman

Jordan Valley

The magnanimous city of Amman is not only the bustling metropolis of Jordan it is also considered by many as the business and leisure haven of the 21st century. The city offers striking contrasts and an eclectic fusion of historical and contemporary buildings which buoys ones spirits goes the extra mile to appease even the most discerning travelers. Book now you flights to Amman.

Snuggled idyllically between the fertile Jordan Valley and the desert area Amman is a commercial epicenter marked with fine behemoth modern buildings with art galleries, restaurants and premium hotels as well as other comfy coffee shops where you can revive your spirits while sipping a fine cappuccino. The commercial city center side offers the travelers a wide list of must see and must do attractions which caters exclusively to the varying need of each of the traveler.

From coffee shops to flashy cuisines and restaurants which offer an array of culinary hedonism, Amman is known for its fine cookery expertise. Here you can wine and dine and enjoy an epitomizing dinner with your loved one and also enjoy the light background music.

The downtown side reflects a different contrast compared to the commercial side where there are older buildings and structures and some serious hustle bustle where people are haggling, producing and selling almost all kinds of items ranging from jewellery, clothing, shoes, gadgets, fabrics, embroideries and other hand painted ceramics.

Amman is one favorable hotspot for the food lovers where the inherent cosmopolitan characteristic of the city offers a wide range of dining options which are operated under the auspices of specialist cooks and chefs from all around the globe. Head to any one of these famous restaurants like Al Hawara, Al Bustan, Abu Ahmad Orient, Abu Jabara which will tease your taste buds to the core with its Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and other famous intercontinental specialties.

Jordan Archaeological Museum Exterior

Jordanian people are known for having a sweet tooth so there are numerous patisseries where you can enjoy the sweet temptations and have a great time. These restaurants are marked with the traditional Arabic setting with background Arabic interior d├ęcor and music to offer you that perfect evening late night dinner or a wonderful afternoon brunch. The intriguingly rich history of the country lures hundreds of thousands of historians to Amman each year.

If you are someone with a knack towards history should head to the Amman Archeological Museum which boasts a wide collection of artifacts, sculptures and exhibits from the prehistoric times to some of the more recent discoveries. The collection is arranged in chronological order and ranges from glass, flints, metal tools, pottery and much more. Likewise there is also the Jordan Folklore Museum where you also head to and have a great time.